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Order Your Home Sleep Test Here

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Home Sleep Test Kit

The Basic – Home Sleep Test includes an online Sleep Assessment you complete about your health and sleep along with a Home Sleep Test Kit you use in the comfort of your own home while you sleep.

  • Your kit contains the SleepView Home Sleep Testing Device from Cleveland Medical Devices for a Home Sleep Test.
  • Detailed instructions, and 24/7 access to live support to answer any questions you may have.
  • All you need to do is follow the included instructions, sleep, and return it in the included prepaid packaging in the morning.

A Board Certified Sleep Physician will review your data and provide you with a diagnosis and recommended steps to improve your sleep in a Home Sleep Test Report.

Note: These are cash prices. To save you time and money, we do not accept insurance. We do accept all major credit cards.

By placing this order you are agreeing to the following:

1. I agree to the US Home Sleep Test PLLC (US Tele Sleep)terms and conditions documented on the website www.ustelesleep.com.

2. I agree to return the home sleep test device (CleveMed SleepView) on the next business day after I receive it. US Home Sleep Test PLLC (DBA US Tele Sleep) can collect $25 per day for the late return fee.

3. I certify that I am 18 years old or older than 18 years.

4. I authorize the US Home Sleep Test PLLC (DBA US Tele Sleep)to deduct $2000 from my credit card or report to the collection agency if the home sleep test device is not returned.

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(must be 18+ years of age - MM/DD/YYYY)
(in feet and inches)
(in pounds)
(in inches ex. 16.5)


(we use card information to collect money in case you do not return the home sleep test device)
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